Maids of Gurgaon

Maids today are an integral part of the modern Indian household. With surging incomes, crunch of time and a daily routine, their services are highly sought after.

Despite their ever-increasing demand, the status of a maid/domestic help has been reduced to just a service provider in exchange of money. Their personal struggles and sacrifices get lost amidst the hustle-bustle and the fast paced life of Gurgaon.

Through my photographs, I have tried to document the lives of 5 maids working as domestic help in various pockets of the city, after migrating from villages to escape poverty and make a better and secure future for themselves and their children.

I also chanced upon meeting Baby Halder, who used to work as a domestic help and has turned her life around becoming an internationally acclaimed author of “A life less ordinary” which is her autobiographical debut novel; translated in more than 21 languages.


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This work was made possible with the help of Neel Dongre Award/Grant for Excellence in Photography (2013-14) in association with India Photo Archive Foundation.

All Rights Reserved.  © Natisha Mallick & India Photo Archive Foundation