Inshallah he will return

Naseema is one amongst the 1500 half widows in Kashmir, facing severe economic & emotional hardship.  Her husband SyedAnwar Shah went missing on 21st July 2002 when he was just 25yrs old.She lives in the old quarters of Srinagar with her 10yr old daughter Shazia, her 70yr old mother-in law Hasana Banu and  brother-in law Mushtaq Shah who is the sole bread earner of the family. Mushtaq who is handicapped and works as a night watchman earns Rs.3000 (About $60) a month.
Hasana Banu tells “ We don’t know if he’s still alive… You can’t trust anyone; Allah is the only one you can count on and if he wills we will be reunited with Anwar.”

This is a work in progress.

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